Eva's Place Conversations

Positive pregnancy test, or just think you might be?  Unsure what to do?  Thinking about abortion?  Thinking about carrying to term? You can feel safe having a conversation with someone who listens and helps you find answers to your questions.

Baby Boutique

Full of new or nearly new baby items. From clothes to cots, bibs to blankets, nappies to nappy bags, the Boutique has all you as a mum will need for your baby. Access to these goods is through participation in the Mentoring Programme. As you meet regularly with your mentor and participate in the programme, you earn “Eva’s Place Dollars” which can then be “spent” in the Baby Boutique. Everything you “purchase” is yours to keep.

Eva’s Place Mentoring

A unique opportunity for you to gain friendship, life skills, pregnancy care knowledge and parenting skills through regular meetings with a mentor. You can meet as often as you need to empower you to learn, grow and be a good mother to your child.

Eva’s Place Resource Room

The Eva's Place Resource Room contains baby clothes and other baby items. A shopping bag’s worth of baby or maternity clothing in one size may be taken at a time.  Larger items like a rocker, portacot, high chair, pram etc are also available.

Reproductive Loss Counselling

For all types of reproductive loss, including miscarriage, infant loss and after abortion. Have you noticed feelings of anger, rage, guilt, depression, hurt, shame or sorrow that just won't go away?  It might be soon after or many years later.  We’re here for you in your reproductive loss.

Translating and Interpreting Service

Non-English speaking Australian citizens or permanent residents can access the Free Interpreting Service provided by the Dept of Immigration and Border Protection during appointments at Eva's Place.

Education Support

Partnering with Ipswich State High School to provide distance education options for students completing grade 12.

Abortion Grief Recovery Group

A free Abortion Grief Recovery Group course is running in August/September, 2023. The course runs for 7 weeks, one night per week at Eva’s Place Toowoomba. There is a limited number of spaces. To register your interest, click here or message with your enquiry.

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